When you want to buy a new kitchen, you should look closely at the details. The many qualities of an ALNO kitchen can be found in the details. Technical improvements may sometimes be overlooked initially, but the benefits will soon become apparent during daily use. A good example is the new hinge mechanism.
Servosoft damping: Units with Premium fittings have Servosoft damping so that drawers and pull outs close softly, quietly and with self-closing, even when they are absolutely full.
Servosoft damping
Servodrive fitting: A number of base units can be optionally fitted with Servodrive. You only need to touch them gently and the drawers and pull outs will open automatically. They can be stopped in any position, and when closed they are like normal units.
Hinged door damping: If you’re really in a hurry, unit doors can bang shut. But with hinged door damping, you can carry on in peace. It absorbs the motion so that the door closes quietly. You don’t need a special hinge, the damping mechanism just clips on easily.
Hinged door damping