Eurocucina 2014: Première for ALNOINOX

ALNO, one of the leading German kitchen manufacturers, presented five exciting kitchen ranges at EUROCUCINA from 8 to 13 April, including the award-winning ALNOSTAR CERA and a combination of ALNOVERA and ALNOVETRINA. For the first time, ALNO also presented steel kitchens under the brand name ALNOINOX. At the world´s largest international furniture fair "Salone del mobile" in Milan/Italy, no fewer than 132 exhibitors from around the globe presented their innovations in the field of kitchen & design as part of the EUROCUCINA exhibition. The ALNO brand´s 420 m² booth attracted great interest and a corresponding echo from the trade fair visitors, who came from very different countries and regions around the world. A particularly large number of visitors had come from the overseas markets in Asia, the Middle East and Russia to find out more about the latest innovations from ALNO.

ALNOINOX - Elegant & indestructible: Attention focused particularly on the new brand ALNOINOX: under this brand name, ALNO presented its unique steel kitchens to an international audience for the first time at EUROCUCINA. For the first time in its history, ALNO has used a material that has existed for over a hundred years in a completely new interpretation of an established subject: kitchens of steel. This precious material is not only resistant to fluctuating temperatures, but also to corrosion and immune to both water and humidity – it is effectively indestructible. Easy to care for, robust and strong, steel is the material perfect for combining modern aestheticism and outstanding resilience:

Indeed, ALNO organized a very special presentation of the subject steel right there in the steel kitchen: with the aid of a specially installed laser, the guests were able to inscribe their names in the world´s largest guest book - the kitchen itself. In this way, an exceptional and unique highlight was created during the exhibition. Its motto: "Leave your message - ALNOINOX. The signature piece".

At the same time, the exhibition presence also reflects ALNO´s brand campaign "One thing´s for sure: ALNO". The reassuring feeling of having chosen the right kitchen - long before the first stone is laid - forms the mission statement of the booth architecture at "Eurocucina 2014." A band of "concrete" in the form of a structure lets walls, floor and ceiling become an unfinished building. In this way, the exhibition area´s concrete-like aura creates the typical mood of an unfinished building - the stage for a kitchen.